For specific purposes we have developed a range of standard heat exchange plates, S type and T type.


Vessel heating and cooling, tanks, reactors, heating chambers, furnaces etc…

• Heat recovery

• Cryogenic chambers

• Shields for furnaces

• Plate bundle


^ Clamp plate coils for existing tanks

Technical specification

Dimensions: according following tables

Inlet / Outlet nozzles: 3/4″ threated pipes

Assembling Technology: Laser welding and electrical spot welding doubled embossed

 Materials: Stainless steels and Titanium

Medium:Steam, hot water, thermal oil, glycol, ammonia, liquid nitrogen, Freon, CO2, are commonly used.


retrofitting for existing tanks

• Flexible heat, low inertia

Thermal efficiency

• Temperature gradient very homogeneous

• Better mechanical resistance to thermal cycling

Service pressure: up to 15 barg

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Technical specifications

Radiaplaque® type S

> download technical specification

Radiaplaque®  T Type

> dowload technical specification

Radiaplaque® made of Titanium

> download techbical specification