Perfect hygiene for foods

Vessels for the foodstuff industry demand highest production quality to ensure maximum hygiene and sterile conditions at all times.

The inside surfaces of the vessels must therefore be processed with utmost care. Our method of grinding the welds and polishing the inner surfaces to values of Ra = 0,8 µm, meet these requirements perfectly. We produce fermentation and storage tanks of every size all over the world, which are fitted with CIP system for the food stuff industry.

For sugar industry and distilleries, we supply perfect tanks for syrups, ethanol but also sugar silos designed according explosion standards to meet ATEX requirements. We calculate, design and manufacture welded plate heat exchanger for slurries, viscous or sticky products that can pass in both circuits.

Our range of products

 For liquids

Process and storage tanks

• Crystallizers, evaporators

• Fermenters

• Distillation columns

• Welded plate heat exchangers

For bulk

Storage silos

• plate coolers

• Cyclones

• Dryers, Coolers