Absolute control for Breweries

 Forts de plus d’un demi-siècle d’expérience dans les brasseries à travers le monde, nous intervenons dans le bloc froid des brasseries et notamment dans les fermenteurs (TOD).


Our range of product

• TOD (Tank Out Door) vertical or horizontal

• BBT (Bright Beer Tank)

• Yeast Tank

• CIP Tanks

• Water tanks

And all safety and auxiliary control devices mounted on the tanks.

We used our dimpled plates technology welded by Laser to ensure perfect holding temperature for our TOD. Glycol and NH3 are the two most common fluids for these applications

TOD’s are insulated in our workshops by PU foam (injection) to ensure minimum energy losses and save money.

Our expertise is recognized by major brewers around the world

  Download the file “Brewery”