New developments

Ziemex delivered end of 2012 to a pharmaceutical World leader, a complete process skid for the concentration of two lines of an active ingredient.

After purification phases obtained impure and noble products are re-concentrated to continue their transformations.

The concentration is carried out in two vessels, one of which flash is equipped with a rectification column to master the contents of the various solvents. Heating is provided by Ziemex welded plate heat exchangers type “Zcompact ® “(exchange surface with Ra <0.8, access doors for easy cleaning).

All aspects of heating are mastered, mainly wall temperatures to avoid thermal degradation of the product.

Condensation is provided by “Zcompact ® “condensers and condensate passes through a saver “Zcompact ®”, thanks to its performance guaranteed a mastery of operating costs.

The process was carried out by Ziemex process teams.

After designing our research is carried out in 3D, and ensures perfect ergonomics of operation and maintenance.

The entire unit has been manufactured and assembled in our workshops in Sarre Union by our teams specialized in Chemistry / Pharmacy.

All item (exchangers, condensers, economizers, tanks, rectification columns) were designed and built in-house, this allowed us to responsiveness and adaptability unmatched.

The skid having dimensions of 5 500 x 4 500 x 7 500 mm (height), it was completed in four independent modules that were transported separately and then assembled on site under our supervision.

FAT has been made in our workshop.

Approvals FDA / ATEX / CE and material traceability requirements were well on